Cork, is a premier, full-service retail store featuring eclectic wines and beers from around the world. Located at 3636 McKinney Avenue, in the upscale West Village area of Dallas, Texas.


Want a little something to nibble on while enjoying your drink of choice? Cork offers a wide selection of cheese plates, dips and desserts to pair perfectly with your wine.  We partner with Molto Formaggio, located in Highland Park Village to bring you a unique cheese selection and Chocolate Secrets so you can enjoy the best chocolates in Dallas.  


SIGNATURE CHEESE PLATES served with crackers, dried fruit and olives

White Wine Plate

a selection of three soft and creamy cheeses the perfect complement to white wine

Red Wine Plate

a selection of three hard and semi hard cheeses for red wine lovers

COMBINATION  CHEESE PLATE two selections from our cheese list, chacuterie, crackers and olives

SINGLE CHEESE PLATE served with crackers, dried fruit and olives

ROASTED RED PEPPER HUMMUS made fresh in house and served with pita and olives

CHOCOLATE PLATE three hand painted bonbons selected from our chocolate list and milk chocolate pieces



Delice de Bourgogne: Sparkling & White Wines

this cheese is a triple cream brie from Burgundy, France.

 Brebirousse D’Argental: Sparkling & White Wines

this is a pure sheep’s milk brie-style cheese made in the Lyon region of France with a creamy and velvety texture

 Pena Gorda: White & Light Red Wines

from Madrid, Spain, this cheese is slightly sweet, with aromas of flower and grass.

Bergblume: White and Red Wines

this Swiss cheese translates to “mountain flower”.  The rind is pressed with hayflowers, and it is aged in a bed of hay, lending a subtle herbaceous quality.

 Landaff: White and Red Wines

this cheese is made in the style of the English Caerphilly, and is full of buttery and tangy notes of grass.

Red Rock: Red wines

this cheese is a raw cow’s milk cheddar and made into a very mild blue cheese with annetto seed.



Coconut Lime

coconut milk & lime zest swirled into chocolate white ganache.

Vanilla Bean

white chocolate ganache steeped with Madagascar vanilla beans.

Sea Salt Caramel

smooth salty caramel inside a dark chocolate shell.


Milk chocolate with a Lavender interior


dark chocolate with a rich espresso interior.

Ancho Chile

dark chocolate with cinnamon, spices and a cayenne pepper punch at the finish.